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Quality Assurance Department

The QA phase (Final Inspections) is what separates us from our competitors and what keeps customer satisfaction. Our QAs’ ensure that a product being developed is meeting specified requirements. Our system is said to increase company’s credibility and improve work processes and efficiency with supremacy of customer agreed standards.

FINAL INSPECTION The pre-shipment final inspection takes place when the merchandise is completed, packed, and ready for shipment. Nothing goes/shipped W/O inspection. Inspection is done with view to ensure that the contract specifications are met. Seven established procedural steps guarantee the accuracy of inspection.

FABRIC INSPECTION Random Fabric inspections based on 4-point system. Color coding for easy understanding and identification on fabric rolls. Every Shipment is released after issuance of system generated QA container certificate.

ACCESSORIES INSPECTION We have unique accessories quality system. Only quality conformed accessory items get to stores and production units. Non-conforming items are automatically sent out of factory.

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